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Encountering dolphins and whales is always an amazing adventure. Each excursion is different and exciting. We never know where we will find them which creates a lot of expectation.


The sea in the southwest of La Gomera offers us a great variety of cetaceans. 23 different species of dolphins and whales have been seen here. All roam free in this part of the Atlantic Ocean, no group lives fixed in a certain place in the sea.


So we go out on our boat looking for them, many times it is the dolphins that we see: Bottlenose or a group of rough-toothed dolphins, striped dolphins and common dolphins or suddenly we have curious spotted dolphins around the boat. We also find pilot whales and the rare beaked whales, often very close to the coast and sometimes also large whales such as shallots and fin whales.

This part is always good for a surprise, and anything is possible: even blue whales have been seen, albeit very rarely. But we must also take into account the opposite case, enjoying the sea, seabirds, turtles, jumping tuna, flying fish or the pleasant brightness of the sun reflecting off the sea. Also, in the warmer months, it may be possible to bathe in the sea.


Very important to us is animal-friendly behavior. Many times we feel invited and they show a remarkable interest in us.

Excursiones Amazonia marítimas avistamientos cetáceos La Gomera Tenerife
Excursiones Amazonia marítimas avistamientos cetáceos La Gomera Tenerife

Encounters occur in different ways. For example, we are accepted as still observers when they are fishing. Other times we accompany them on their way. Sometimes we find very large groups, sometimes small groups of 3 to 10 individuals. There are even times when they swim the bow wave getting very close, and at other times they prefer its tranquility.


This is how free and wild dolphins and whales pass in their natural habitat!

Excursiones Amazonia marítimas avistamientos cetáceos La Gomera Tenerife

Accredited company of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in La Gomera.

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