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Not only will you have the privilege of seeing amazing marine animals, but you will also be able to take a bath in the crystal clear waters and observe the surprising landscape of La Gomera.


The great diversity of marine species that live in it are undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions of these excursions, but it is not the only thing you can admire. Also the landscape that you can observe from our boat is an added value to this experience.

Excursiones Amazonia marítimas avistamientos cetáceos La Gomera Tenerife

One of the best ways to enjoy the privileged waters of La Gomera is to take boat trips, visiting the best coves on the island, discovering the hidden charms under the waters of the La Gomera coastline, enjoying unique sunsets, and how no, observing cetaceans in their natural habitat.


Cetacean watching has become one of the main tourist attractions in La Gomera and many people annually enjoy this incredible magical and unforgettable experience, absolutely recommended for all ages. The sea southwest of La Gomera, with its special biodiversity, is one of the best places in the world where people can interact with cetaceans in their natural habitat.

Excursiones Amazonia marítimas avistamientos cetáceos La Gomera Tenerife

The crystal clear waters, its warm and pleasant temperature and the abundance of food have made La Gomera the place chosen as the habitual residence of these marine mammals, hence they can be observed almost every day of the year.


21 species have been confirmed in the waters of La Gomera, being one of the richest habitats in species in all of Europe. The species that you can find in La Gomera are: the common dolphin, the bottlenose dolphin and the rough-tooth dolphin, as well as the pilot whale. Large whales such as blue whales and fin whales are rather rare because they pass through the archipelago only during their migrations in spring and autumn.

Excursiones Amazonia marítimas avistamientos cetáceos La Gomera Tenerife

Only authorized boats allow you to closely observe these large animals, sociable and accustomed to human presence. The activity is strictly regulated in order to protect the extraordinary ecological value of these species and their habitat. Ships do not normally need to travel great distances from shore to ensure a sighting.


Each excursion is a unique and surprising adventure, with an unforgettable experience that will make you understand and appreciate the marine habitat.

Excursiones Amazonia marítimas avistamientos cetáceos La Gomera Tenerife

Accredited company of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in La Gomera.

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